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This show showed the best of Chris Elliott's psychotic comedy.

"Get A Life" aired from 1990 to 1992, and even though it had a short run, Chris Elliott has never been better remembered for ANY major network television series. 

My personal favorite episode (out of the measly 30-something), was "The Big City".  Chris Peterson, the loser, 30-year-old, packs a few things and takes a trip to the Big City.  He isn't exactly prepared for the sinister iconoclasts of moral family values that dwell there and is drugged by a drink, packed with a "mickey". 


A pretty, young newswoman picks up Chris at his time of grief and wants to print a front page story about his loss, with the banner headline being, "BOY LOSES WALLET.  CITY HANGS ITS HEAD IN SHAME."  The Media dubs him "Walletboy" and he becomes a huge celebrity as the city buys him a 20 story mansion, a swiss bank account worth millions, and hands to him the key to the city.


I won't ruin the rest of it, but instead recommend buying volumes 1 and 2 of Get A Life's best episodes at Tower, Best Buy, or wherever DVD's are sold.  Chris Elliott's comedy is overly-literal, over-exaggerated, and completely unrealistic and silly which is what makes his work on this show one of the funniest tv shows you'll ever see.  Then again, it depends on who you are.


Season 1 (Sept 1990-May 1991) Show 1 - Terror On The Hell Loop 2000 Sept 23 1990 Chris persuades Larry to take the day off work and go to an amusement park to ride the all-new Hell Loop roller coaster, but they get stuck in the loop.
Show 2 - The Prettiest Week of my Life  Sept 30 1990
Chris enrolls at the Handsome Boy modeling school, and becomes a male model named Sparkles. Unfortunately his career is shattered when asked to pose topless, but Chris goes on to fulfill his dream of appearing in a runway show at a department store. Show 3 - Dadicus  Oct 7 1990
In an effort to preserve his status among the paperboys, Chris persuades Fred to compete in the annual father & son paperboy tournament. It seems that things have changed quite a bit since their old days of sack races and egg-carrying however. Show 4 - A Family Affair  Oct 14 1990
Chris falls in love with Sharon's sister younger sister Charleene, who has just broken up with her boyfriend. They have a brief but torrid affair. Show 5 - Pile Of Death Oct 21 1990
When his beloved childhood playground is condemned by the city, Chris decides to raise money to save it by setting a world record for having stuff piled on top of him. Show 6 - Paperboy 2000 Nov 4 1990
Chris and the other paperboys are fired and replaced by the new totally automated Paperboy-2000. When the machine runs amok, Chris has to come to the rescue. Show 7 - Drivers License Nov 11 1990
Chris falls in love with a new waitress, but she won't go out with him unless he picks her up in a car. Unfortunately Chris does not have a license. After flunking the driving test, he steals Fred's car to go on the date and winds up in a high-speed chase with the police. Show 8 - The Sitting Nov 18 1990
Chris gets a job as a housesitter for a woman along his paper route,
but the house turns out to be haunted.
Show 9 - Bored Straight Dec 2 1990
After accidentally straying into the bad side of town and being taunted by a street gang, Chris decides tries to try and rehabilitate the young ruffians. Show 10 - Zoo Animals on Wheels Dec 16 1990
Much to Sharon's horror, Chris auditions for her local theater group and is cast as the male-lead in their latest musical production. Show 11 - Roots Jan 6 1991
While searching through a box in the attic, Chris finds an old receipt and a photo of himself as a baby with an Amish couple. Chris realizes he must have been adopted and his real name is "Emmett". He then leaves on a quest to find his real parents. Fred and Gladys must find him. Show 12 - The Counterfeit Watch Story Feb 3 1991
Chris saves up to buy a $100 Chrono-Sync 2000 underwater watch, but it falls apart the very first time in the shower. He then becomes part of a sting operation in an attempt to catch the crooks who are responsible. Show 13 - Chris Vs. Donald Feb 10 1991
The Peterson's have their annual family reunion, but Chris dreads the appearance of Donald, his more-successful arch rival in the family. Show 14 - Chris Wins a Celebrity Feb 24 1991
Chris enters a contest and wins a dream weekend living with his favorite TV talk show host Sandy Connors. Show 15 - Houseboy 2000 Mar 10 1991
When Chris burns down Sharon's kitchen, he agrees to act as her servant to pay for the damage. She then proceeds to break his will and turn Chris into her willing slave. Larry must try and deprogram him. Show 16 - Married Mar 24 1991
Chris falls in love with his soul-mate: leggy supermodel Nicolette Preston. They have a whirlwind romance, marriage, and divorce all in one day. Show 17 - Camping 2000 Mar 31 1991
It's time for Fred's regular solo camping trip, but Chris and Larry manage to convince Fred to let them go along. Once Fred manages to lose them in the woods, Chris and Larry eat wild berries which cause them to believe Fred is a homicidal maniac out for blood. Show 18 - The Construction Worker Show Apr 7 1991 Chris idolizes construction workers, and his dream comes true when Fred hires three of them to extend the kitchen. Chris will do anything to be accepted by them, but his loyalties are tested when they try to rip-off his father. Chris is forced to engage in a dreaded tool-belt fight. Show 19 - The Big City Apr 21 1991
Chris decides to finally visit the big city, but upon arriving somebody slips him a mickey and his wallet is missing. When a newspaper reporter hears the story, her article dubs Chris "Walletboy" and he becomes the darling of the city. Everything crumbles when it is discovered that he actually just left the wallet at home. Show 20 - Neptune 2000 Apr 28 1991
The $19.99 submarine Chris ordered 20 years earlier finally arrives, but he has to persuade Fred to help him build it. They then become trapped underwater while taking the new sub for a test ride in the shower. Show 21 - The One Where Chris and Larry Switch Lives May 12 1991
Chris activates a curse when he removes an arrowhead from an indian burial ground. The punishment: he must live his worst nightmare and trade lives with Larry. Show 22 - Psychic 2000 May 19 1991
Chris chokes to death while eating his morning cereal, he then comes back to life with the ability to see "flashbacks" from the future. He has a vision of Sharon being murdered, but nobody believes him. Season 2 (Nov 1991 - Mar 1992) Show 23 - Chris Moves Out Nov 9 1991
Much to his parents amazement (and joy), Chris finally leaves home and rents a room with a "garage motif" from gruff ex-cop Gus Borden. Show 24 - Larry On The Loose Nov 16 1991
Following a talk from Chris, Larry decides to leave Sharon and run away from home. Chris and Gus search the town for him, but after seeing Chris again Larry is gone for good. Show 25 - Meat Locker 2000 Nov 23 1991
When Chris chases off Sharon's new boyfriend, she must use him to take her former beau's place at a dinner party. Chris and Sharon get trapped in her walk-in living room meat locker, and are forced to "share warmth". Chris tells Sharon that while he has considered her an evil, castrating, she-creature from hell, he also always found her to be quite shapely. Show 26 - Health Inspector 2000 Nov 30 1991
Chris joins the glamorous world of food inspecting but he is sickened by what he finds, until the $5 bribes start coming in. When his conscience catches up with him, Chris agrees to testify before a special committee. Show 27 - Chris Gets His Tonsils Out Dec 7 1991
Chris goes to the doctor after having a sore throat, and is terrified when told he needs a tonsillectomy. With his voice gone after the operation, Sharon torments Chris. His voice returns just in time for Chris to drop dead as one of the .001% who die from tonsillectomies. Show 28 - Prisoner Of Love Dec 14 1991
When his pen-pal Irma Jane Cooley is released from jail, Chris falls in love and convinces her to move in. Unfortunately Irma starts rebuilding her criminal empire, and Chris becomes her hostage when the police raid the place. Show 29 - Chris The Escort Dec 21 1991
Chris goes to work at an escort service and becomes the kept man of an older woman, at least until her husband returns from the hospital. Show 30 - Girlfriend 2000 Jan 12 1992
After being hit by her car, Chris becomes madly obsessed with a woman scientist named Tricia Paddington. He decides to start stalking her until she goes out with him. Meanwhile, another woman stalks Chris Show 31 - Chris' Brain Jan 19 1992
The neighborhood is overrun by toxic waste, but Chris and Gus refuse to leave the house. After almost dying, they wake up to discover Chris has become a genius and Gus has an aptitude for origami. Chris decides the best use for his new abilities is to win every spelling bee. Show 32 - Bad Fish Feb 2 1992
Chris decides to throw a party, and gets a wheelbarrow of shellfish as the main course. Nobody but Sharon shows up, and the fish turns out to be spoiled. It causes anyone who eats it to have temporary amnesia. Chris convinces them that they enjoy everything he does, such as dancing to "Alley Cat" all night long. Show 33 - Spewey and Me Feb 9 1992
SPEWEY the alien (Special Person Entering the World, Egg Yolks), crashes into the back yard. Chris wants to protect him from the evil G-Men, but Gus sees the being bringing big bucks, perhaps from Michael Jackson's zoo. In the end, the alien turns out to be delicious (and self-saucing). Show 34 - 1977 2000 Mar 1 1992
Chris makes a time travel drink to go back in time, in an attempt to prevent Gus from being thrown off the police force for taking a leak on his captain. Unfortunately the alternatives turn out to be worse. Show 35 - Clip Show Mar 8 1992
Chris takes his first plane ride, but he falls out of the airliner when he thinks "EXIT" is a door to the rest room. Chris then precedes to recall situations (episodes) from his past in flashbacks. "The End?" Clips from the following episodes are used: 1, 2, 6, 7, 9, 10, 12, 14, 19, 18, 20, 33. Next is a montage sequence of Chris getting injured.

Jonathan Dogey