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These are some things that I never want to lose either for sentimental reasons or because they're actually worth money, or both. 


What a wonder to behold in the 1980's.  3-D Sega video gaming.  And whenever something this ahead of its time comes out in the 80's, you better believe it'll be worth something someday.  It's already a hot ebay item.


The SG-1000.   Nothing beats that.  Too bad I don't actually own it.  I really just wanted the pic up here. 


Don't ask.  Just go out to your DVD store and check at least one of these out.


Some people just can't contemplate the reason I actually like this movie.  Maybe it's because it's just such a Mystery Science Theater 3000 kind of movie.  Horrible acting, a sappy plot, and nasty little puppets.  What fun!


You have to be intelligent to get this one.  This movie is the holy grail of underground cult movies.  One of Jim Carrey's most unusual career moves:  to play the Devil.  Complaining has never sounded so funny for 93 minutes straight!


Dual suspension, anti-lock brakes, 4 wheel drive; I love my 2001 Ford Escape. 

Think you can offer me millions for my treasures?  Go ahead.  I dare you.