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Below are the people I consider my best friends.  More coming soon.

This is Wes.  He's one of my friends who has undergone incredible changes from when I met him to now.  Teachers would sometimes yell at him, he'd piss his intelectual inferiors off (ya know, little kids), and he wouldn't take crap from anyone.  He was the most politically incorrect person I knew in elementary school.  He was the Tom Green of the playard.

As we went into middle school, we weren't going to school together anymore but we kept in touch anyways.  Our insane immaturity had simmered down to a slight boil.  We still messed around but we could now carry on conversations.  It was revolutionary.  Although our middle school lives are now a blur to me so that's about it.

Some where between the beginning of middle school and near the beginning of high school, Wesley traveled across the US to go to a bordering school.  Our friendship was attached to a catheder and kept alive with email, letters, or a phone call here or there.  His interests in life started to become a little different from mine, but he's always been a good friend to talk to about problems and life experience.  But when he finally came back to CA to visit, the transformation was astounding.  He had grown a foot taller (I'm serious, I think he had), and no more yellow sweat-pants.   

Today, he looks very similar to the picture above.  He's currently trying to start a career in finance and the stock market.  He's even teaching a class on financial structure and playing the market.  I always thought he'd grow up to be a baseball player.  I guess not.  Eh.


Wesley also had a small modelling career.  He got the chance to be the "outrageously entertained boy" on the cover of Sega's video game box.



This was a long time ago in 1997.  This was at Universal Studios California, I believe. 

Jonathan Dogey