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1-10 Scale:  9

The cy-visor/i-visor is a small, light-weight, HMD (head mounted display) that rests on the user's forehead and projects the illusion of seeing a huge 45-inch, 1.44 million pixel, SVGA color screen a few feet in front of the user. 

The i-visor is a product that uses the technology of the i-glasses SVGA with a much lighter feel.  The i-visor struck me as big and uncomfortable looking in the pics of it I saw on the net, but when you wear it, you will be amazed at the quality inside that little box. 


Overall, the i-visor is one step closer to the ultimate portable tv.  It's a tad weird looking to wear in public.  When you put it on, you look like X-men's Cyclops.  The head band around the forehead makes you look like the planet saturn.  I am of course exaggerating about saturn, but the i-visor is the best Cyclops halloween costume.  Technology like this would be a lot more amazing if it was the size of the I-trek ( which is the size of a small pair of glasses.  Except with the i-visor, you get the best possible resolution out there which makes it worth the extra two ounces in weight. 
            It is a compact headset, but it comes with no battery (probably to make the price cheaper).  A sony brand lithium battery is required, which runs about $79.99-159.99, not to mention the $149.99 battery charger.  If you're anything like me, you're not made of money so you may choose to go without this extra add-on.  But if you're lucky enough to land one of them cheap, and luckily get an i-visor for a start, you'll be plenty happy with this HMD.


The Feel

The I-visor feels very comfortable.  The unit itself weighs no more than 5 or 6 oz.  The brow pad it has is thick and soft enough to bring comfort to the area on your head where the weight of the entire piece rests.  Although it is not possible to forget that the unit is on your head, it is an extremely tolerable weight that doesn't give the user anytime of lasting discomfort. 

Built to Last??
As it stands now, my Cy-visor has been through a lot and has undergone some troubles.  The I-visor is made to flip up allowing the user to see around themselves, except the hinge that keeps the Cy-visor up has broken, since it's made of....well, plastic.  Cheap plastic if you ask me.  You have to be way too careful with this thing because that broke just a little too easily. 
The headphone earpieces are kept on the unit with little plastic spokes which, yes, also broke.  I'm sorry, but they are just too breakable. 
Other than that, the Cy-visor's durability to long-lasting segments of watch-time is exceptional.  But at a mark of 2 hours, the Cy-visor does give a message of warning and then shuts itself off.  The unit then can not be turned on again until at least 10 minutes have passed for the unit to cool down.  This is a great feature for the protection of the unit's internal power source.  I just wish the product didn't have to get so hot!


Jonathan Dogey