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1-10 Scale:  8

The I-trek FMD-250W is a remarkably tiny HMD that projects the image of a 240,000 pixel resolution color screen that can be switched to "normal" and "wide screen" mode. 

First Impressions
For someone who's never viewed the world of an HMD, this will probably impress you and make you say, "Wow, this is cool."  And, ok, the I-trek is kinda cool.  The LED screen inside the I-trek is literally stretched as wide as it can be and the thick magnifying glass you look through makes the image appear pretty big.  If you are one of those techno-geeks who likes the idea of having a portable DVD player and a nice HMD as well, the I-trek will be good enough for you.


This feels kinda....nnn!
Ok, pretty much all of us have either worn glasses to make fun of Dad or we have to wear them.  But we all know where glasses rest on our face.  Where?  Our ears?  No. Our forehead? No.  It's our NOSE.  Do glasses hurt our nose when we wear them?  We feel a certain uncertainty in that area, sure.  Of course, it's not SO bad because glasses aren't all that heavy.  But unfortunately the I-trek has some technology inside itself and all the weight goes down on the nose of the person wearing it.  This is the reason I will never buy the I-trek.  Within 5 minutes of using the I-trek, my nose was killing me.  When you are someone who's used HMD's before, you automatically think about how you'll feel with a product after using it for some time and the I-trek will leave you with a crease on your nose that will itch or feel sore, and possibly a migrain headache. 


The Fashion Statement

The I-trek HMD is very stylish.  If marketed properly, a product that looks like this could be something that everyone will want to own.  It is a very small compact unit that can fit in small areas of storage (purse, backpack, briefcase, pocket, etc.).  It doesn't make you look like an alien or a member of the Marvel X-men.  It's like wearing a pair of sunglasses. 

The resolution
Too bad that the I-trek doesn't preform as nice as it looks.  The resolution is 240,000 pixels.  That sounds pretty neat, but it's not the best.  Watching movies on this is great, no question, but in an attempt to describe what you see when looking in these glasses, this is what I came up with.  It's like you're up too close to the tv (ya know, where you can almost see the blue-red-green pixel things?).  It's tolerable, but suggestive.  You can't help but notice it, but you can learn to ignore it. 

Jonathan Dogey