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The I-glasses LCB 3D (the glasses have had several different titles) represent the very reason that people ever got interested in the whole HMD scene.  They are phenomenal!  And they have aged well too.  I still prefer gaming on these glasses compared to anything else I've since seen.  Even today's HMD's that are commercially available (and affordable) are literally falling behind what standards in head mounted gaming the I-glasses LCB brought to the forefront.  The screen inside appears large, colorful, vibrant, with great resolution, and you can see the entire screen inside as if it were a flat screen in front of you.  It truly delivered what it promised.  Far better than the Philips Scuba.  Worlds better than the I-glasses SVGA.  And solar systems better than today's garbage you find at stores like Best Buy (you know the ones).  

The glasses have an elastic band that goes around your head, while the weight of the system sits on your brow with the attached brow pad.  As soon as you put these on, you'll discover they fit perfectly, like a dream.  No doubt, after prolonged hours of play, you will start to feel discomfort, and this is a reality that comes with virtually every HMD.  But you are expected to take breaks every once in a while.  

The elastic band is adjustable, the unit's headphones sit next to your ears, and do not press against them (hurting them eventually).  They swivel back and forth for customization.  And their sound quality is very acceptable.  


The I-glasses 3D model has a switch on the side for 3D.  This means that you can view stereoscopic 3D video content with these glasses.   There are many DVDs released in stereoscopic 3D, originally released in IMAX theaters, that are available almost exclusively online.  What you might also not realize is that video games have been released in stereoscopic 3D as well.  If you own a Sega Master system, you might have a slew of games in your library with "3D" in its title.  You can toss out your Sega Master 3D glasses and play them on the I-glasses 3D instead!  It is such a more enjoyable experience on these, in my opinion.  Sega Master veterans remember how much darker things are inside those power base glasses, and collectors know how hard they are to find nowadays.  

True, these glasses might be slightly hard to find as well, but I would suggest them nevertheless! 


I am still a fan of Nintendo 64, Sega Saturn, Playstation 1, and these are the generation of systems that were available at the time that the I-glasses were made available.  And I'm telling you, be sure that Diddy Kong Racing is the first game you play on these.  It's like traveling through the realms of heaven!  And getting the picture to look its best takes only seconds!  Hold down the power button for a moment and see across the bottom of the screen inside a selection of picture controls featuring brightness, contrast, color, and sharpness.  You will have no difficulty deciding what looks best, and you'll love the variety of picture settings for games ranging from bright and colorful, to darker and moodier.  

The unit is meant to come with a screen guard that clips on the front of the device to protect the exposed eyepieces.  If you aren't fortunate enough to get your model with this piece of plastic, you'll just have to take a little bit more care of them.    

The unit has one single cord that comes out of the unit.  It is thin, light, and easy to deal with.  In comparison to the I-glasses PC's cord which is thick, heavy, weighs the system down off your brow.  
On the other end of the cord is a standard yellow, white, and red set of A/v cords.  They are male ends for plugging into A/V ports on your console, but most consoles are not designed with A/V colored ports on them (the original NES is the only exception I can think of).  But this is easily fixed with double-ended female adapters to plug both console and I-glasses ports together, which are of course easy to find for very cheap.  

SCORE:  9/10